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Hi Everybody - Michael Britt here


I'm an adjunct psychology professor at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I received my Ph.D. in Psychology in 1991 and now I mostly teach intro psych, but I've also taught Research and Statistics, History of Psychology, Organizational Psychology, and Social psychology.


I also host a podcast called The Psych Files which I've been doing for over 10 years now.  I just passed 17 million downloads so it's been far more successful than I thought it would.  I've learned so much more about teaching and about technology than I every thought.  It's fun work for sure. 


As the Community Manager for Cengage, you'll see me all around the community, though especially in the Psychology area. I also created a series of videos about time saving tips for instructors.  


I'm also very passionate about how we can tranform our classes not just with big ideas (like flipping your class), but also with small changes - the ones that will help students understand their own thoughts, the reasons why others think differently and to consider the evidence when making their final decisions.


Oh, and I've got a wife, 3 cats and two teenagers.  Life's busy...see you around the community!


Hey Michael,

I see you EVERYWHERE in this community..:)!  So you are a cat lover?  I forgot to mention my little Tootsie in my welcome... She's a great companion at home, always nearby while I'm working on my computer.  Not sure if it's me she likes or the warmth of the computer..:)!?  Either way, I look forward to reading your daily blog/tips!



Yea, I guess I'm a little obsessed about technology and about the teaching/learning process.  I actually started out as a dog lover, but my wife convinced me that cats make for more independent pets and that definitely has it's advantages. And what can you do when your cat decides to "help out" by sitting on your computer while you work! 


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Hi Michael.  Nice to meet you and to be part of the group.


Welcome Ed.  I see you teach business stats.  I taught stats too but it was for social and behavioral sciences.  I once was an editor for a bstats online course. A little different focus than social sciences, but lots of crossover. I'll have to remember to throw my stats questions at you! 

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For a course that I no longer teach,  I used a regression text that took a social science perspective.  It was a different perspective from the usual business text and I enjoyed the difference.

Hi, Michael. It is great getting to know you. As a technology instructor, I will be very interested to see how you are using technology in your classes. I love to learn how other instructors use the technology I love in different ways and how students respond to them.

Hi Joey.  Good to meet another instructor who's as enthusiastic about tech as I am.  I created some videos in the Tech Talk for Academics area.  I really love ThingLink and Diigo.  Do you use Diigo?


Here's my post and video about Diigo


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Nice to "meet" you and thank you for the welcome video, as well. Happy holidays and best wishes with future Cengage endeavors.


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Welcome to the group! I'm a fan of using technology in the classroom to enhance my student's engagement and experiences. I've been a fan of MindTap for some time, but only after joining the FPN did I start digging deep into it. Like many who implement new technologies, I needed to get comfortable with it first. BMT (Before MindTap) I experimented with a number of different products to support my course instructions. Fortunately, many of the techniques I discovered or developed marry nicely with MindTap.


I'm interested in reading your upcoming Technology Tuesday Tips!