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Hello from NC - Reggie Cobb

Frequent Commenter

Greetings my fellow educator colleagues!


Isn't it great to have a place to collaborate? I recognize some you from past events but there are many of you I don't know yet. I enjoy learning new and innovative ways to teach, especially online. So please share interesting and "cool" things you are doing with your online students.


I am an online biology instructor at Nash Community College in Rocky Mount, NC. I also serve as the Natural Sciences Subject Matter Expert (SME) where I oversee our department's online instructors (part-time and full-time instructors). I am an avid MindTap user who enjoys the benefits of the customizable learning path and the ability to provide links directly to the assignments from our LMS, which is Moodle. I teach both majors and non-majors general biology as well as human biology and human genetics occasionally.


I look forward to reading your posts and learning what great things you do to help your students succeed.



Valued Contributor



Good to "see" you here! Hope your semester is going smoothly. You were a wealth of neat online and summer program ideas for students of all ages last time we talked, so no doubt you'll have a lot to contribute in this digital space. Glad to reconnect here!


All my best,



Hello Reggie,


It's nice to see another NC person online. 




Hello Reggie! I love that Mindtap is so easily customizable. Even a tech newbie could naviagate this program.

Rajone A. Lyman, M.Ed.