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Hello from Connecticut!


Hello. My name is Rosy and I am an Italian teacher. I simply enjoy being in the class and engaging in conversations with my students. I think promoting languages is the best way to promote cultures and diversity. It helps people stay truly connected. 

Valued Contributor

Although I am only fluent in English, I tend to agree with you that having even a rudimentary understanding of another language can make a significant difference in the perspectives and perceptions we have of other cultures. During a faculty professional development course regarding teaching across cultures, I learned that in several cultures, before any exchange of information occurs, there must first be an exchange of pleasantries.  


Until, or unless you have an opportunity to view the world from the perspective of another culture, you risk being unintentionally rude or off-putting. Most people in such cultures simply dismiss such behavior as uncouth, un-sophisticated, or ignorant and go on about their day; but some can take it as a personal affront. 


I feel fortunate to teach a a university with multiple cultures, languages, and ethnicity's. When I approach my students, I do so from a transparent position of ignorance and willingness to learn, with regard to cultural appropriateness. I've found that students willingly share the nuances regarding proper public etiquette and how they were taught to interact with their professors, and they with them. And a language other than my native tongue was all that was needed to start the conversation!


Rosy, do you only teach in the face to face classroom, or have you extended into the online courseroom as well? Regardless your main teaching mode, I think you'll find answers to questions as to how you can enhance what you already do by connecting with others here. You might start by connecting with Scott Rudeen @Scott_Rudeen


Best wishes!