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Hello from Bangor, Maine

New Member

Greetings from Maine!  My name is Cornel Plebani and I am presently the Department Chair for the Criminal Justice program at Eastern Maine Community College here in Bangor, ME.  I have been in higher education for twelve years, having previously taught as a professor at Husson University.  Very excited to join the FPN and get started!


Valued Contributor

Welcome and greetings Cornel! As the Department Chair you always have to be on top of best practices in effective teaching strategies; but more importantly professional development for your faculty probably takes center stage in your strategic plan. I think you'll find the resources here to be high quality, because they were developed by experienced faculty and expert content providers. 


What I think you'll notice immediately is that many of the tools and resources focus on the goal of student engagement, teaching and learning, and faculty professional development, rather than pitching products. So consider these resources from the buffet perspective; sample what's of interest and integrate what works for you and your staff of professionals. When you find something that works particularly well, share it! Tell us about it, and make it your own!


I've always considered the FPN as an opportunity to learn forward! I hope you find the FPN helpful to you as well!


Again, welcome!