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Hello and Welcome to my Fellow Partners!


Howdy Everyone!


I work at Blinn College in Bryan, Texas. Blinn is a two-year college with four campuses hosting about 20,000 students. A fifth campus is underconstruction and is expected to open in the Fall of 2017.


The courses that I currently teach are:

  • Learning Frameworks (Face-to-Face and Hybrid)
  • Study Skills
  • Developmental Reading

In my Learning Frameworks courses, I use MindTap and CSFI (College Success Factor Index) every semester. After introducting MindTap to other faculty teaching Learning Frameworks, they were anxious to integrate the digital tool into our Learning Management System. Students are motivated and engaged in completing their assignments.

Click on my Cengage Faculty Partner page below to learn more about how I use MindTap and CSFI. 


Essie's Faculty Partner’s webpage:


Click on the following links below to learn more about me. 






Essie! We are so thankful to have you in the community. Thank you for all you do. 


Thank you. I enjoy this new platform and look forward to learning from everyone.

Valued Contributor



Good to "see" you here!  Smiley Happy


Blinn College is very proud to have Essie as TCCTA (Texas Community College Teachers Association) past president. TCCTA is the largest postsecondary educator organization in Texas, so Essie had a very big job! 


--Audrey Wick

Hi Essie! It is great to see you here!

Hi Joey!


Good to meet you! Perhaps we will have an opportunity to meet in person one day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Frequent Commenter

Hi Essie,


I'm just a short drive away at San Jacinto College in Houston.  Glad to see another Texan in the group. I also teach in the College Preparatory area.  I am currently teaching INRW upper level and Developmental Reading.  I have taught College Success classes in the past.