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Hello Faculty Partners!


Hello to all!  My name is Marcy Krugel.  I am a senior instructor in the Business Communications Program within the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University in Southeast Florida. FAU’s COB hired me 31 years ago to create, implement, and direct its Graduate Business Communications Program. 

In 2013, the undergraduate business communication course moved from the English department within the College of Arts and Letters into our program.  At that time, I became a full-time instructor and assessment coordinator working to improve the writing, presenting, and interpersonal skills of our undergraduate business majors. I also work with our Accounting Scholars Program to reinforce writing and presenting skills throughout the honor’s compacts (extra writing and speaking assignments associated with the scholars’ regular accounting and tax courses).

As we all know, when students enter the workforce, they can’t just know (or even understand and integrate) the business communication concepts—they must demonstrate them!  I use the Aplia assignments (within Mindtap) to engage students in learning, understanding, and integrating the chapter concepts and grammar rules.  These assignments allow students to work at their own pace—to review and retest as necessary.  I often edit these assignments breaking them into self-checks and self-test segments or use assignment segments as strategic knowledge checks.  Since these assignments are auto graded, I can spend my time working with students on their actual skill demonstrations rather than on knowledge drills. 

When I taught my first fully online business communication course in 2001, online presentations proved to be the greatest challenge.  Of all the technologies I’ve used since, the USeeU app. has—hands down—met that challenge, not only in my fully online class, but also in my face-to-face class.  In addition to using USeeU for the graded online presentations, I use it for rehearsals, peer reviews, and self-reviews.  Last year’s face-to-face presentation assessment showed our students’ presentations were stronger in structure and content than in delivery.  While our faculty all agreed that we should assign rehearsal presentations, time and an efficient process were constraints.  USeeU addressed both!  The students overwhelmingly commented on USeeU’s ease of use and their feeling more prepared and at ease when presenting in front of the class.

Prior to coming to FAU, I was the Coordinator for Management Development for the Broward County Schools.  Before moving to Florida, I was the Training Administrator Coordinator for Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

I am a member of the Association for Business Communication, and I speak at local, national, and international conferences and conventions. I also provide communication training for local businesses and professional groups.

I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. As a graduate student, I majored in communication, rhetoric and public address.




I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with USeeU.  I did a quick google search on it but didn't turn up anything that looked like an online presentation tool.  Do you have a link where I can learn more about it?


Wait - I found it. YouSeeU.  I'd love to hear about your experiences using it.


Marcy I teach a workforce student success course and found greater success using milestones also to help students with completing their career or area of expertise research presentations!  I would love to hear more about best practices for workforce students as our institution has transitioned to a deeper focus to our Institutes of excellence.

Rajone A. Lyman, M.Ed.