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Hello Faculty Partners!


I am a faculty member at Globe University in Minnesota. I have been teaching here for about 6 years now. Prior to working with Globe University, I was (and still am) a mathematics tutor while completing my B.S. and M.S., I now have about 14 years of tutoring under my belt, with courses ranging from Elementary mathematics all the way through upper level college mathematics courses. I have taught many different classes in a wide variety of formats (Online, Hybrid, Face-to-Face, Emporium, Flipped, Self Paced).

I use SAM for Microsoft Office classes and EWA for most of my mathematics classes.

I have had the privledge of working with Cengage as a Faculty partner for almost 2.5 years now, and I thoroughly enjoy all the people I have had a chance to interact with.


My teaching philosophy is that, "Everyone can learn, if they are provided with the right learning environment, time, and the proper tools to do so." My style of teaching involves mostly a Socratic approach with a heavy dose of flexibility.


We share in the same career paths and philosophies of teaching (socratic). I am curious to know how you make this work being flexible.  Looking forward to hearing your tips!

Rajone A. Lyman, M.Ed.