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Hello Faculty Partners!


Once again, I'm thrilled to be invited to participate in this group!  My name is Sandy Keeter and I teach in the IT Department at Seminole State College of Florida.  I am the Program Manager for my area and primarily teach Basic Computer Concepts, Computer and Internet Literacy and a variety of Microsoft Office Applications courses.  We've been using Cengage (formerly Course Technology Products) ever since I started at Seminole State in the 90's.  To say I'm a "SAM user" is an understatement; I AM ADDICTED!


I started teaching in higher education in 1986 at the University of Florida, but prefer the smaller 2 year college, where I feel we make a big difference in our student's lives.  Besides using SAM in my classes, we also use MindTap and I LOVE the customization and interactivity of the platform.  My students especially like being able to read from anywhere, take notes and highlight online as well as have the book read to them..:).


In my spare time, I enjoy running or biking with my husband, swimming and doing yoga, weight training and visiting my three grown daughters and grandkids or traveling to exotic places.  Because I love to exercise and teach technology courses, i just submitted a mini-grant proposal called "FIT-BITs" for Education.  I've asked for 10 FitBits to use in my (Computer and Internet Literacy) classroom to teach students about the hardware, wireless, syncing, blue tooth, apps, downloading data, analytics, excel as they work in teams for a month to gather, analyze and present their information!  This should be a fun team project and exercise where they learn about these basic computer concepts in an engaging, gaming, project-based environment.  I'll report back later on how it goes!

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I'm anxious to hear how your "FIT-BITs for Education" plan develops. How innovative! I love the refreshing way in which you want to use them to help your students learn more about the technology and science behind the devices. Good luck! Hope you get that grant.  🙂




Welcome Sandy. Your FIT-BITs project really does sound interesting.  Sounds like it's part of that "quantified life" movement, right? Talk about a highly personalized way to get students to dig into what they're learning - make it all about themselves and their health.  Great idea. You got me thinking about how I could apply that in my discipline...

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Hi Sandy.  Nice to meet you.  My wife and I also enjoy running and biking.  We have some great biking trails in Southwest Ohio.

Hi Sandy! I'm loving this new forum. I think this will be great! I really like your "FitBit" concept. I might have to suggest that for one of my Informatics classes. It would be a great analytics projects! Like you, I'm a SAM addict! I am using everything SAM has to offer and always looking for more. I look forward to sharing ideas in this new community. Hope to see you soon.

Welcome! The FIT BIT project sounds terrific - what a way to engage students AND help learn about health and fitness. Love it! And, as a former community college student myself (University of Wisconsin, Waukesha), I just want to say THANK YOU. I would not have earned my 4 year degree (or work at Cengage or live in NY) without my amazing CC instructors in Wisconsin. Happy Friday and thanks for all you do.