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Happy Friday, Faculty Partner Pals!


Hello everyone, Diane Carter here. I am the public speaking course director at the Unversity of Idaho, which is is Moscow, Idaho (the other Moscow), where I also teach a variety of other communication courses. I've been teaching since 2001--I started teaching in Southern California at three community colleges--a true "freeway flier"--and then moved to the Pacific Northwest to complete my Ph.D. Before that, I worked for about 9-1/2 years for American Suzuki Motor Corporation, where my terminal position was Sports Promotions/Press Relations Department Manager for the Motorcycle Division. My PR and corporate background has given me some wonderful stories to tell in the classroom!


We use MindTap for all of our public speaking courses at the University of Idaho. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that there are some great tools in MindTap that really help us maximize student learning. It's an awesome platform, which is why I am happy to be a faculty partner! We integrate MindTap into our instition's LMS with great results. 


When I'm not teaching...or grading...or answering emails, I enjoy playing piano, gardening, and playing with my three cats. I do a fair amount of traveling, too, in my role as a member of the Board of Directors of Comfort Foundation, a charitable foundation that supports orphans in Russia, where my two children are from. 


I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get to know all of you better in the coming weeks!



Frequent Commenter

Hi Diane,


Even though I teach online biology classes, I'm curious to know if your institution teaching public speaking online. If so, what tools/apps do you use within MindTap to make it successful?




Hi Diane,


Since you teach Public Speaking, I'd be interested in the tools use use.  As you can see from my post, I use USeeU for my students' presentations.  Do you?  Do you use the outline builder?  We don't currently have it in our MindTap course, but we've requested it.


Hi Marcy,


I do use YouSeeU, but at this point, I'm only using it for practice speech and peer review assignments.  We have a very good recording set-up in our speech classrooms, so I didn't see a need to re-create the wheel. As I mentioned to Brad, we are on track to use it in our online public speaking classes, which are on track to go live next fall. I also use YouSeeU in my Applied Business and Professional Communication class (I use the Hamilton business communication text); for that class I have them use YouSeeU to deliver keynote introductions and longer sales presentations.


But let me tell you, if you aren't using Outline Builder yet, you will love it!! Outline Builder is the first app that I used and it sold me on the entire MindTap platform, because student outlines improved dramatically! In my face-to-face classes, I demonstrate how to use the app by walking the class through the process. As with all tools, there are some sticking points: Students still need to understand the concept of subordination or they won't understand how to manipulate the text boxes to create subordination, students still need to enter their in-text citations manually (although the citation generator is great and can be formatted to APA, MLA, and I think Chicago styles). Still, the dialogue on the right side of the page does a great job reminding them about what they need to be doing, and the app takes care of so much of the formatting that they can really focus on what they intend to say. When I started using Outline Builder, I saw instant results, and I have used it ever since. 


Don't hesitate to ask if you find yourself with specific questions. I'm happy to help!





Thanks for the reply, Diane, and the outline builder tips.  That app. is yet to be a feature in our MindTap, but I understand it will be come summer.  Meanwhile, I hope to test it out ahead of time.  I will definitely reach out to you if I need assistance.  Thanks so much for the offer!


Good Morning Diane,


I enjoyed reading your introduction.

As my population of students grow, I will have to begin online submission of their presentations. Can you recommend a tool the students can use to record and video themselves? 


Thank you ahead of time time for your reply.


Diane I could not agree more that Mindtap is an invaluable resource to faculty and students!

Rajone A. Lyman, M.Ed.