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Greetings and hello all!

Valued Contributor

I'm Eugene and I'm happy to meet you virtually! As I shared earlier with Michael Brit, I too am a technology enthusiast! I'm not an early adopter, but I do enjoy experimenting with tech to see if I can enhance what I do, both personally and professionally. 

As a result BMT (Before MindTap), I experimented with a lot of different tech to see what worked well for me and what I could shelve, or take a pass on...for now. One of my latest endeavors is teaching myself the ins and outs of Shotcut and Greenscreen (think weather forecaster). I've experimented with various iterations of Podcasts, Vlogcasts, and blogs, to see how they might fit into my teaching style and continue to learn as I continue to experiment!

I teach for Park University which, in addition to the home campus I teach at, also has 40+ campus centers across the U.S. along with a significant Online course presence. I've been fortunate to have presented in two different venues thus far, as a Faculty Partner, and I can honestly say I learned as much as I shared!

Anyways - that's me ~ I look forward to connecting with you all moving forward!


Be well -




Hey Eugene - I'm downloading ShotCut now.  Last year I was looking for an easy to use video editor for my wife.  I really didn't want her to have to struggle with the latest version of iMovie.  Would you believe I actually found a site that allowed me to download the older version of iMovie (iMovie HD)? That was a great program and she used it to make a video of our vacation.  So you like ShotCut?  I'll take a look at it.