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Dissertation Research

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Hi there! 


Working on my dissertation and I need higher education faculty members to take my survey. Can you help?? If so, read on!


I need all different types of faculty from all different types of programs (full-time, part-time, career prep programs, general studies, nursing, business, you name it! I need it!)


The study is a look at the amount of teaching methodology training a college faculty member has had, and seeing if there is any relation to the faculty members confidence, student satisfaction, student performance, and student attendance. Does having a "trained" faculty matter? That's what I hope to find out.


Please forward links to any other faculty who may be willing to help!


Faculty Survey (~10 minutes)

Please take your survey first. You will create a unique password for your survey to give to your students. This is VERY important so the researcher can anonymously connect your survey to your student surveys. Please give the password you create to your students.


Student Survey (~3 minutes)

Please invite students take the survey just before a break or before dismissal of class. You may also email students the link and a request to fill it out. Give students the password that you created.


Thank you so much for your help! Can you forward to any other higher education colleagues who may be willing to help?