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Cosmetology Instructor, Meadville, PA



I am a "newbie" in the Cengage community.  I just started a new job here at Laurel Technical Institute in Meadville, PA.  I am very excited learning all the new things I need to know, do and BE a great teacher to my new students,(first day 9/26/17). I welcome any advice concerning the business of teaching young adult learners as well as the challenge of the technological distractions in "their" lives. I believe when engaging in anything new to ask for help from the seasoned pros and their experience.

Thank you in advance,

Miss Theo

Valued Contributor

Congratulations on your new position, and "welcome" to this place online where you can learn some teaching techniques! I hope you have fun exploring The Community. 


Best wishes for a successful semester!

--Audrey Wick, Blinn College (Texas)