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Aloha from Hawaii`I Island




Appologies for my late arrival (Island Time I guess).  It's a pleasure to join you for this discussion.  I'm an Associate Professor of Biology at University of Hawai`i at Hilo.  I teach Freshman Biology and a Junior level Evolution class.  I study the effects of differences in the environment (including agricultural activity) on the soil microbiome and their collective effect on the expression of genes in tea.  My Sweetie and I live in and operate Big Island Tea's Kilinoe Tea Forest.


A hui hou!


Sorry, I don't always stay on top of "auto-correct":  Hawai`i Island


Welcome (from NYC!). We're glad you're here. Your introduction reminded me of this fascinating podcast episode I heard months ago. It's loosely related to soil microbiome but gave me an incredible appreciation what for goes on beneath of our feet! You may have heard it. If not, it's a terrific listen! Science Friday has done a couple episodes on vairous microbiomes too. I'm a bit of a podcast junkie! Smiley Happy 

Valued Contributor

Hello and welcome! With the various soil compositions on and off the island, I'm sure you get a lot of interest in your topic! I just visited your website ( and noted the absolutely stunning photos at the end. Although I've only visited Hawai'i once, so far, I can attest to the vivid greenery you enjoy.


Also, like many, I do drink tea as well as coffee (mainly decaf) though I am not an aficionado of either and haven't yet developed a tea preference. Still, I do enjoy an occasional cup of green tea in the afternoon. 


Thank you for joining us, and I hope that you our community as inviting as your forest appears to be!

@Eugene matthews