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Adult Education & Literacy Spring In-Service


Hello All,


If you have visited my LinkedIN page, you will know how honored I was to present APPS to engage the digital natives. There were about 19 Adult Education & Literacy instructors representing 25 areas in East Texas (my hometown). Kilgore College has a wonderful program and all the services are free to the student.


It was not a Cengage presentation, but I stapled my Faculty Partner's Bio to the back of my handout and told them about MindTap and CSFI. The new director, a former colleague of mine, has plans to revamp some aspects of the  program and she is very familiar with Cengage. The group really loved Kahoots, Flipgrid and EdPuzzle.                                           KilgoreCollege_AEL_InService_Class_June17_Pic2.jpgLearning something new can be fun at any age!KilgoreCollege_AEL_InService_Class_June17_Pic1.jpgKilgore College Spring In-Service for Adult Educators

Engaging Essie


Valued Contributor

Well done, Essie! Keep up your amazing work! Smiley Happy




Why thank you Audrey. It was good to go back to my hometown of Longview.