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The Best Deals in Town

What can a personal finance website do to be relevant to consumers during the all important holiday buying season? WalletHub has answered that question with a report that helps consumers identify the major retailers that are offering the best Black Friday deals. Although the day after Thanksgiving is no longer quite as important as it used to be, as the deals are now spread out over many weeks, it remains one of the biggest revenue generating days of the year.

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The company conducted a survey of ads from the 35 largest retailers in the U.S. and collected nearly 7,000 data points which is a very hefty sample. WalletHub was also able to subdivide its list into product categories. Southern-style apparel maker Belk led the pack with deals averaging 68.9% and J.C. Penney, the venerable department store still fighting for its life, will average about 65%. Kohl's will offer 60% off , Sears has the best deals on jewelry and Bealls is offering the largest discounts on toys. If nothing else, the report reveals how low some retailers have to sink to sell more stuff. The discounts have been proliferating every year in a game of retailer "oneupsmanship" and today the numbers are simply staggering.

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So when will we tire of a day that some have called "one of America's most treasured holiday traditions"? Will "Black Friday fatigue" set in anytime soon? Well if Google searches are any indication of the shape of things to come, I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you. The search engine recently reported that searches using the words "Black Friday" are up 80% over the last two years. Indeed marketers should never tire of something before consumers do, and it looks like consumers, who at least are no longer routinely trampling one another in attempts to get "door buster" deals, aren't yet tired of this treasured holiday shopping tradition.


Discussion: What do you think of Black Friday? How do you think WalletHub's report can be improved for next year?