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Thanksgiving Chips

It seems that the Millennial appetite for all things different, or what consumer behaviorists call "variety-seeking behavior", knows no bounds. And the generation that has brought you far too many varieties of craft beer (my generation was in on that too), a dizzying array of musical sub-genres, and fantastically-flavored vape cartridges among many other oddities is probably driving some marketing at Pringles. I guess it was only a matter of time after we have digested the introduction of chicken and waffles-flavored potato chips, and so we should not be surprised to see chips that taste like turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

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A well-timed, if not somewhat gratuitous publicity stunt, this PR tactic comes on the heels of last year's 8-flavor Thanksgiving tray of chips, featuring flavors like green bean casserole, mashed-potatoes, and cranberry sauce, and cleverly shaped like a classic "TV dinner". We have to give credit to the folks at Pringles for thinking outside the can.

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To avoid problems at the retail level and to mitigate the risk of the whole thing falling flat with consumers and being stuck with warehouses full of oddly-flavored chips, Pringles has opted to sell the three-pack, stackable min-cans on its website for $14.99. Supplies will obviously be limited since this is a one-time promotion and marketers are already basking in the free publicity that their press release has generated. Let's see if it sells.


Discussion: What do you think about this marketing tactic? Give some pros and cons.