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Sugar Losing Sweetness: Part One

By: Darrin Duber-Smith


The obesity epidemic remains a major problem in America as well as in other wealthy nations, and concern among consumers and lawmakers alike is driving food chemists to find alternative sweeteners that still satisfy our need for things that are "sweet". Surely this isn't new as we are all familiar with the ingredients in diet drinks, but continued concern about those artificial sweeteners has branded products makers looking to find "substitutes" at a rate never seen before. Consider the following two points of data from a recent Nielsen study:


*22% of Americans restrict sugar intake


*52% of Americans avoid artificial sweeteners


Image result for problems with sugar


The writing is on the wall, and yet there are 22,000 food/beverage products that contain high fructose corn syrup (an ingredient that actually has over 200 names) currently on the market. Sales of products with natural and/or low glycerin sweeteners are up 19%, and we know that the sales growth of products without artificial ingredients has outpaced those that contain artificial ingredients for many years. The meteoric rise of natural and organic products are a testament to this. Meanwhile, regulators are requiring more disclosure of added sugar, with pending regulation that is transforming the industry.


Part Two To Follow


Discussion: Are you watching your intake of sugar? Why or why not? Do you read labels? Are Millennial (17-37) attitudes towards sugar and artificial ingredients driving the market?