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Pepsi Boosts Spending

Pepsi is a brand that lately has been focusing far more on its portfolio of healthier foods and beverages than it has on its line of sodas here in the U.S. The results have been lackluster. And, of course, we all know that the market for sodas, both the diet and the sugary varieties, has been in decline for quite some time. But rather than simply "harvest" a declining category until it is no longer profitable, as some marketers choose to do when consumers shift tastes, Pepsi is instead planning on boosting advertising in this category.

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Marketers have seen recent success with new non-soda products such as Bubly sparkling water, but are also looking to shore up traditional brands like Mountain Dew, which now has a successful lemon-lime product in its mix. But faced with falling revenues this past year, an advertising blitz for its core products is exactly what the company needs. And this is exactly what Pepsi marketers are planning to do. Obviously, marketers must implement an effective creative strategy with a proper fit among message, media, and market components to optimize the prospects for success. The current campaign, called "Pepsi Generations", is a nod to the brand's history, and has had some promising initial results. However, the campaign is in the early stages, but marketers are about to double down.


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