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Not Chicken About Organic

If there are still any questions about how important certified Organic agriculture has become to a growing legion of consumers, then look no further than Tyson Foods, one of the largest private purveyors of poultry in the world. In every sector, growth in organic offerings far outpaces any growth in conventional (non-organic) products. This is partly due to the comparatively smaller size of organic markets when compared to conventional ones, but it has even more to do with the rising demand for Certified Organic, which is driven by the well-established Health and Wellness trend of the past 40 years and rooted in consumer attitudes towards social and environmental responsibility.

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In general, Tyson marketers have been migrating towards higher profit branded meat products and away from commoditized meat, having acquired Jimmy Dean Sausage and Ball Park hot dogs over the past few years. And so, acquiring the popular Smart Chicken organic brand is an excellent strategy to address a market that has grown by almost 70% over the past four years. Organic chickens must be fed organic grain, raised without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, have access to the outdoors, and be free of antibiotics in order to qualify for the USDA's now-ubiquitous, green Certified Organic seal. This is expensive to do, but prices for organic products tend to be considerably higher to compensate for it all. And as we know, marketers must go where the market goes.


Discussion: Does "organic" factor into your decision-making when buying foods? Why or why not?

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