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Want to be more creative? Go for a walk


In the Ted talk above Marily Oppezzo, a behavioral and learning scientist, says that if you really want to harness your creativity, take a walk.


She gives five tips for being more creative.

  1. Pick a problem or topic to brainstorm.
  2. Walk at a comfortable pace.
  3. Keep coming up with new ideas.
  4. Speak (and record) as many ideas as you can and think about them later.
  5. If ideas doesn't come to you, come back to this at a later time.
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  • How will being more creative help you to solve problems?
  • How do you come up with a new idea?
  • How has walking helped you to get the most out of your brainstorm?


Creativity image by Asja. on VisualHunt /  CC