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Valentine's Day and Office Romance

Valentine's Day and Office Romance


According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average American will spend $143.56 on gifts this year, with total planned nationwide spending $19.6 billion; 55 percent of people are going to celebrate with jewelry ($4.7 billion), an evening out ($3.7 billion) and flowers ($2.0 billion) the top spending categories. 


Should companies have "love contracts"? SHRM reports, "Few organizations currently have “love contracts” in place; these contracts are signed by employees involved in a workplace romance and indicate that the relationship is consensual."


XpertHR offers an example of a customizable Employee Dating and Personal Relationships Policy that can be adapted to fit an organization’s needs. Some important elements of the policy include:

  • An opening statement that conveys the purpose of the policy—generally, to ensure that boundaries between personal and business relationships are appropriately managed to maintain the efficiency of business operations.
  • The decision of whether to prohibit or just discourage, fraternization, specifically between managers and subordinates.
  • The requirement to report participation in such relationships.
  • Employer’s rights related to making necessary employment decisions to avoid business risks when these relationships emerge, including potential modifications to reporting structures to accommodate these relationships.
  • Employee conduct during nonwork hours (e.g., breaks) and while off duty.
  • Physical contact between employees during work hours.
  • A statement emphasizing a strict anti-harassment policy and referring employees to existing harassment policies.

But, what is the cost of workplace romances? Some relationships might lead to harrassment claims.


  • What should the manager know about employee dating?