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The Business Benefits of Doing Good

"The only way we're going to make substantial progress on the challenging problems of our time is for business to drive the solutions," says social impact strategist Wendy Woods. She says CSR - corporate social responsibility isn't the answer, but TSI - total social impact, is. She explains TSI is the sum of all of the ways business can affect society by doing the real work: thinking about their supply chains, working on their product design and manufacturing processes and their distribution. Unfortunately, many corporations almost exclusively focus on TSR: total shareholder returns. She goes on to show the data that TSI -- total societal impact -- should stand alongside TSR as an important and valid driver of corporate strategy and corporate decision-making.


Watch her TED talk at

  • What is Mars doing?
  • What is Airbnb doing?
  • What companies are strongest on TSI?
  • What is socially responsible investing?
  • How can companies and investors solve the world's biggest problems in our world?



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