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Set PHAT Goals for the New Year

It is the new year and most everyone is setting goals. Unfortunately, most people abandon those goals. But, setting goals is an important part of management planning. And, managers want to accomplish goals, not abandon them.


Dean Lindsay, author of Big PHAT Goals, says that the key to success is in how you set up what you want to accomplish. (PHAT stands for Pretty Hot and Tempting.)


“You need to craft it so it propels you to achievement, not only to remind you of the goal but how the benefits are better than anything else you could choose to do with your time. The real important word is conviction. How do we get it? By believing what we want is the best thing for us. Then, you don’t look at other things you can’t do as sacrifice. You are going after what’s important to you. Don’t remind yourself of the goal, remind yourself of the way.”


In the video below, Lindsay interviews Catherine Monson, FASTSIGNS CEO, about goal setting.


  • How are the goals you’ve set for this new year the best use of your time?
  • How will you remain committed to your goals?