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National Miners Day is December 6, 2018

In the United States, mining has become a safer industry. But hazards, such as powerful machinery, darkened tunnels, and combustible materials, still exist.


SLAM RISKS, an acronym to help conduct a risk assessment and control any hazards present on the jobsite. The acronym breaks down as follows:

Stop and Consider the Work Involved

  • Do you have the training, knowledge, and skills to safely perform this task?
  • Do you need assistance or permission from supervisors to perform the duty?

Look and Identify the Hazards

  • Keep an eye out for hazards before beginning work—and continue doing so until the task is done.
  • What are the necessary steps for performing this task, and have you identified potential hazards for each successive step?

Analyze What Needs to be Done

  • Check that you have the necessary tools and PPE before beginning.
  • Understand the procedures and risks associated with the task.
  • Let all impacted coworkers know you're tackling a particular job.
  • Talk with a supervisor if you can't eliminate all hazards.

Manage Safety by Developing and Implementing Controls

  • Take all necessary steps to ensure the job is completed safely.
  • Control all hazards by following proper procedures, eliminating hazards where possible, using PPE, continually reassessing safety, and asking for help (if necessary).

Remember to Look for Changes

  • Keep an eye out for sudden or unusual changes to normal conditions.
  • Assess any risks associated with a new task, procedure, or condition.

Identify All Potential Risks

  • Reflect on your familiarity with all aspects of the particular job
  • Ask for help if you're unfamiliar with certain tasks or risks.

Share What You Find, and Include Others Impacted by the Job and the Risks

  • Communicate with employees who might be working closely or whose work depends on your completion of the task.

Know What Others on Your Jobsite are Doing

  • Talk with employees whose work might impact your job to assess risks or hazards.
  • Take note when others' routines, jobs, or tasks change—and think about how it might impact you.

Safety is Everyone's Job

  • Employers should work to develop and promote a culture of safety throughout their mines.


  • How could knowledge of risk assessment help anyone on any job?
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