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Mono-task Instead of Multi-tasking

Mono-task Instead of Multi-tasking


As noted in the video above, some jobs, such as air traffic controller, simultaneous translator at the UN, and journalist, require rapid switching and doing several things at once. But, for most of us, multitasking does not work. We need to focus on one thing at a time.


For example, if you have serval jobs to do, clean your desk. Focus on one of the jobs and complete it. Then, start the next job. You will accomplish a lot more!


A.K. Jayne at Chrom reports:

"If you are a multitasker who wants to try single-tasking, prioritizing tasks is key, according to Psychology Today. Make a list of tasks, and start your day with the most important task. If you cannot focus on one task until it is finished, try sticking with it for 18 minutes -- the point when attention can start to wane, according to the Harvard Business Review. Then go to the next task and work on it for as long as possible."

  • Why is multitasking a myth?
  • Why should you practice finishing what you started before moving onto something else?
  • What is wrong with trying to do several things at once or jumping between tasks?
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No one can SUCCESSFULLY multi-task!