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May (2018) is Mental Health Month

May (2018) is Mental Health Month

May is mental health month! We all know that mental health is important, especially to productivity in business. However, Most managers are not trained in mental health. In the HBR video, The Problem of Loneliness at Work, Dr. Vivek Murthy, former U.S. surgeon general, explains what can be done.


Loneliness is characterized by feelings of social pain and isolation and has both heritable and uns....


Dr. Murthy, says that loneliness is getting worse because of mobility, technology, and "always on" work habits. Therefore, managers can help employees. In order to protect employees' mental health, Dr. Murthy says that managers must help employees protect their time outside of work. Furthermore, managers can create opportunities to connect. Each of us can manage our stress (see the attached).


  • What is good/bad about stress?
  • How can managers access the state of connection?
  • How can managers create a culture where connections matter?
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