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High-Impact Talent Acquisition (HITA)

Bersin's report, “Six Key Insights to Put Talent Acquisition at the Center of Business Strategy and Execution,” examines the correlation between High-Impact Talent Acquisition (HITA) and critical HR-related outcomes including retention, internal career progression and improved candidate experiences. (The Six Key Insights Infographic is attached.) 


Bersin found that in high performing organizations, talent acquisition is a function of central strategic importance. These organizations exhibit six common traits:

  1. HITA teams build the workforce through integration with the business. Senior executives view talent acquisition teams as essential players in executing strategy and promoting the company’s people culture. Integration also allows talent acquisition teams to better anticipate broader business needs and better partner with hiring managers.
  2. Existing employees are recognized as a strategic resource, and internal mobility is a part of company culture. Hiring managers and recruiters know their internal talent’s capabilities, and hiring managers work with recruiters to cultivate talent from within.
  3. Candidates are evaluated for work ethic, values, and potential as much as skills and past experiences. Bersin’s report found that nine out of 10 high performing talent acquisition functions use workplace values as a basis for hiring, resulting in a stronger corporate culture that is reinforced by each new hire.
  4. TA teams construct a personalized candidate journey. Rather than a “one size fits all” experience, HITA functions market the role to specific candidates to not only engage top talent, but also strengthen the employment brand and promote the organization’s culture.
  5. Mature teams continuously regenerate because of dedication to upskilling, informal learning and professional growth. Talent acquisition professionals are encouraged to engage in a mix of traditional education, mentor relationships and networking opportunities.
  6. Highly-mature teams use AI and predictive data analytics. The practice sharpens the talent acquisition function by using data-driven analytics and digital, cognitive tools to better source and assess candidates and prevent possible misjudgments caused by bias or false logic.
  • How can placing talent acquisition at the center of the business prove to help transform the entire enterprise?


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