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Five Ways of Overcoming Mingle Phobia

It is time for holiday parties! But, many times, you will not know most of the people at the party. What will you do? 

In her career tip of the month, Ann Marie Sabbath, founder of At Ease, Inc, offers five tips for mixing and mingling in style when attending a business reception. 

  1. Rather than migrating toward people you know, introduce yourself to new individuals.
  2. Approach one person or three individuals since two people may be in a private conversation.
  3. Ask questions rather than telling people about yourself. Individuals will see you as interesting when you are sincerely interested in them.
  4. As you prepare to disengage from a group, extend your hand and echo something that you heard during the conversation. Example: “Joe, it was nice talking to you. Have a safe trip to Chicago tomorrow.”
  5. Follow-up. Send an e-note to people with whom you have visited at least 15 minutes. This gesture will demonstrate your interest in having met.
  • How do you network in a room full of professionals?
  • When attending a business reception, do you migrate toward people you know or people you do not know?
  • How can following these five tips help you to make the most of your unstructured gatherings?
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