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Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose

In a study, Deloitte found that people feel loyal to companies that support their sense of purpose. But, how can you find your own sense of purpose? In a Harvard Business Review Article, "5 Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose," Kristi Hedges says that managers can help employees find meaning at work by asking them five questions.


But, you can identify what is meaninful to you by answering those same questions.

  • What are you good at doing? (Which work activities require less effort? What do you take on because you believe you’re the best person to do it? What have you gotten noticed for throughout your career?)
  • What do you enjoy? (In a typical workweek, what do you look forward to doing? What do you see on your calendar that energizes you? If you could design your job with no restrictions, how would you spend your time?)
  • What feels most useful? (Which work outcomes make you most proud? Which of your tasks are most critical to the team or organization? What are the highest priorities for your life and how does your work fit in?)
  • What creates a sense of forward momentum? (What are you learning that you’ll use in the future? What do you envision for yourself next? How’s your work today getting you closer to what you want for yourself?)
  • How do you relate to others? (Which working partnerships are best for you? What would an office of your favorite people look like? How does your work enhance your family and social connections?)

How will you use the quetions above to help you identify your inner purpose?

How will you use those questions to help guide your employees toward purpose?

Photo credit: Jilligan86 on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA