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Facility Safety Audit

Graphic Products reminds us of the importance of preparing for an OSHA audit. (See attached.) The company lists the following seven tips for effective inspections.

  • Prioritize your observations
  • Observe with intention
  • Be open-minded
  • Don’t trust first impressions
  • Think like a journalist
  • Don’t try to fix it right now
  • Work your checklist, but don’t let your checklist work you

Millions of injuries could be avoided each year if managers were prepared for an OSHA inspection.


In the OSHA Safety and Health Audit Tool, management action items include those listed below.


  • Management implements and communicates a written, signed policy supporting the safety and health program.
  • Management routinely demonstrates visible commitment to the program.
  • Management defines specific goals and expectations for the program, along with plans for achieving the goals.
  • Management allocates appropriate resources (funds and time) to accomplish goals and manage the program.
  • Management assigns responsibility and accountability for implementing and maintaining the program.
  • Management encourages, recognizes, and rewards worker contributions to workplace safety and health.

Managers must ask:

  • When was the last facility audit?
  • How can we get ready for the next facility audit?