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Evaluate Your Life Goals

Do your goals resonate with your sense of self? In the video at this link, Bruce Hamilton interviews Steve Piscitelli about evaluating life goals. Piscitelli uses the acronym R.E.A.D.- Relationships, Enthusiasm, Authenticity, and Difference. He says, You have an Awareness of what you want to do, have a better handle on your Assumptions, and have begun charting your Action steps. Now, consider giving the opportunity a “Second R.E.A.D.” (See attached.)

Relationships. Who will you work with on your path to your goal? You need to trust, respect, and like one another and help each other grow. Relationships build connections. Connections bring about growth and progress. When the relationship is disrespected, trust is lost. Community suffers. What happens to your goal?


Enthusiasm. In order to reach your goals, you need to have energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the long-term. How do you do that? What are the strategies and resources you use? Are you willing to face the bumps, the humps, the detours, and the opportunity costs on the way to the goal? And the RELATIONSHIPS can help you when the ENTHUSIASM wanes. (All parts of the process interconnect.)


Authenticity. Do your goals connect with your core values? As you move toward your stated goal, how do you maintain your "brand"- not someone else's? Perhaps that is not important to you. Maybe it is.


Difference. Can you-do you want to-make a difference in your space, your community, the world with your goal? You might need to pause and ask why the goal is important-and if you can live with that answer.


  • Identify one major goal in your life.
  • Apply the four-step model (R.E.A.D.) to your goal.
  • Does the goal resonate with your core values?