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Boost Your Confidence

If there is one area that all managers have in common, it is confidence.

The Coaching Company asks 10 questions to help you identify your strengths.

  1. "What are three of your greatest strengths?"  
  2. "Tell me about some of the biggest challenges in your life? How did you overcome them?"
  3. "What do you like about yourself?"   
  4. "What do you enjoy doing?"   (We usually enjoy what we are good at!)
  5. What do you yearn to do?   (Yearnings suggest possible talents!)
  6. "What are some unusual skills you have?"   (The word 'unusual' forces you to think what's different about your self.)
  7. "What are you proud of in your life?"
  8. "Tell me about your first achievement."   (Share even it seems boring or small now - this gives pointers to early success - and strengths)
  9. "What would not be like it is - had you not been part of it?"   (eg. a work or volunteer effort)
  10. What do you get complimented on most?  

The infographic below shares 11 confidence tips.



  • Which of the confidence tips do you like the best? Why?
  • What approaches will help you build more confidence?
  • What 2-3 things would help you boost your confidence levels?
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