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Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind to Yourself





























The infographic above from The Coaching Tools Company depicts "12 courageous ways to be kind to yourself." Taking care of yourself is one of the best ways to manage and control stress.

  1. Be BOLD - live your life your way!
  2. Remember - your flaws give you style and personality!
  3. Ask yourself daily - what do I need to thrive today?
  4. Your feelings are signals, listen to them - always!
  5. Rejection proves you're doing something courageous!
  6. Forgive yourself. Period.
  7. Stop tolerating - it's not noble to allow things to drain you
  8. Life is too short to 'should' on yourself
  9. Rushing makes everyone miserable. Do less and take your time.
  10. Gather a 'spark team' of people who think you're awesome!
  11. Stop worrying what others think. Instead ask, "What do I think?"
  12. Stand up for yourself - if not you, then who will?
  • What one thing will you begin doing to be kind to yourself? Why did you choose that?