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Managers Are Seen as More Effective When They Give Praise

Managers Are Seen as More Effective When They Give...

By: Gemmy Allen





Why Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise? - Zenger Folkman

One of the most difficult parts of a manager’s job is giving feedback. In a survey of 7,631 people, we asked whether they believed that giving negative feedback was stressful or difficult, and 44% agreed. When talking with managers about giving feedback we often hear comments such as, “I did not sleep...


Research by Zenger Folkman suggests that employees place a great deal of emphasis on receiving positive feedback from their manager. Most know that some feedback may be negative or constructive, but employees want positive feedback specifically for something that they are doing right.

Positive feedback does not mean that the managers says, "good job!" Be specific. What exactly did the employee do correctly? The praise can be very brief, but it needs to be specific. It should come as soon after the behavior as possible. Furthermore, the employee should be encouraged to keep up the good work.


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Share an instance where an employee did something right and the manager gave specific, positive feedback.