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What Matters Most to You in Your Language Teaching?

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My name is Sean Ketchem, and I work in the World Languages Group here at Cengage. We have started this Faculty Community  page to get your thoughts and share your ideas on your teaching goals, tips and tricks in your teaching, and your thoughts on the future of language learning.


We'll also be sharing posts on things we're working on and ideas we have to run past the folks who are out there with students every day.


But our first question is simple: What matters MOST to you in your language teaching? If there was one thing you could have from your platform or course solutions that you don't have now, what would it be? We're eager to hear from you--just add a comment below to get started!



What matters most in my language teaching, from my perspective, is what matters the most in teaching in general: live communication. I find that I can communicate better in the foreign language only if I am well received and perceived in the native langauge of my learners. Moreover, what I find to be essential and vital in language learning, is communicating experiences so to enable the students to feel and absorb important strands of knowledge as actually 'alive' and not just on worksheets or in books.