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Cengage Unlimited: LMS Admin Kit




Have you heard about Cengage Unlimited?
Cengage Unlimited is a first-of-its-kind subscription service that students can purchase in bookstores and online starting this August. With one Cengage Unlimited subscription, a student will have access to all of our ebooks, digital learning platforms, opportunities for print rentals, and more -- all for $119.99 per term.

What does this mean for admins?
Cengage Unlimited doesn’t change how the Cengage integration works with your favorite LMS, but to ensure students who subscribe have full access to their resources, you’ll want to help instructors place the new link to the Cengage Unlimited Student Dashboard into their course.



You can also help us spread the word!


We've compiled some resources that you can share with them to use in their syllabus or materials they share with their students in their LMS integrated course.


  1. Syllabus Language
  2. Images
  3. Student Flyer
  4. Calculator
  5. Videos
  6. Student FAQs and Responses

SYLLABUS LANGUAGE  - Browse the attached documents for syllabus language that best fits your course (Syllabus Language= digital required, digital not required, multi-term course. Syllabus Language for Inclusive Access upgrade= Inclusive Access upgrade with an LMS and without an LMS).

The end of the documents include helpful reminders for students AND instructors.  Cut & paste what you like and add it to your syllabus or course outline page(s).


IMAGES - Add an eye-catching image to your course outline or syllabus page. Click on any of the .jpeg images below to download and save. (Or right click and "Save As")


Banner Image.png


Square Image.png


STUDENT FLYER - Share or post this flyer that explains subscription options and offerings on one-page!



See how much students can save on course materials with Cengage Unlimited compared to the average cost of Cengage materials bought individually.


VIDEOS - Show students what Cengage Unlimited is and how it works. Embed links so your students can click and discover.

    • What is Cengage Unlimited?
    • Cengage Unlimited is a first-of-its-kind subscription model offering you access to unlimited course materials each semester—all for one low price. Tap the Cengage library of over 20,000 products across 675 courses to be unstoppable, for less! See how it works.


    • Take a Look Inside Cengage Unlimited -
    • Discover how you can navigate the Cengage Unlimited dashboard and learn more for less—in one place, for $119.99 per term.


STUDENT FAQs AND RESPONSES- We know students come to you first and Cengage Unlimited is new, so use this tool to answer some questions that may come up.  


Get more tools related to the Cengage integration with your LMS by clicking here.

If there's anything else we can provide to help you and your instructors please, let us know! 


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