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Which Christmas for You: Real or Plastic?

 The debate continues: real Christmas tree or plastic? If you're a millennial--that is, if you're born between 1981 and 1996--you probably chose a real tree this year.


From USA Today, more environmentally conscious millennials seem to be choosing real trees.


Millennials also might lean toward non-artificial Christmas trees because of their focus on "real" objects, said O'Connor, who pointed to that generation's drive for things like organic foods.


Buying a real Christmas tree "matches up with what they’re doing in the rest of their lives," O'Connor said.

Beyond "real" objects, Millennials also value real experiences, said Ken Reeves, owner of Mountain Creek Tree Farm in Concord, Ohio. Of his about 2,000-tree inventory, Reeves has sold nearly 70 percent, with his final day of sales this Sunday – a better season than usual, he said.


For millennials, "there’s decidedly a preference towards non-artificial" trees, Reeves said, "because they don’t want an artificial experience.”

The infographic below shows the sales of Christmas trees. What do the numbers say?


Infographic: Christmas Tree Sales: Pine Still Beating Plastic | Statista


You will find more infographics at Statista



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