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Top Finance Jobs

If you're a finance student, your friends and family may confuse accounting and finance. The truth is, many jobs in finance are indeed accounting related, and many accounting jobs are related to finance.


To find more information about careers in finance and accounting, you can look through the pages at he Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). For example, here is a description of the work of a financial analyst from the BLS:


Financial analysts typically do the following:

  • Recommend individual investments and collections of investments, which are known as portfolios
  • Evaluate current and historical financial data
  • Study economic and business trends
  • Examine a company’s financial statements to determine its value
  • Meet with company officials to gain better insight into the company’s prospects
  • Assess the strength of the management team
  • Prepare written reports

Financial analysts evaluate investment opportunities. They work in banks, pension funds, mutual funds, securities firms, insurance companies, and other businesses. Financial analysts are also called securities analysts and investment analysts.

You can find more information about jobs in financial analysis and other finance fields by visiting the BLS here.


The infographic below shows top jobs in finance and accounting for 2019.




Source: Parker + Lynch