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"Selfless Leadership" at Droga5 ad agency

By: Teri Bernstein



Adam Bryant, editor/writer of The Corner Office column, NYT


Sarah Thompson is now the global CEO of Droga5, an innovative ad agency. But she wasn't always. The early years of her career--as well as upbringing by hippie parents--don't obviously point to where she is now.  A key tenet of her approach to work, however, has been central to her success: she truly commits to doing her best, no matter what she has been employed at. This has allowed her to build bridges and personal integrity. It also helps her motivate people since she views every level as worthy of attention.


Source: "Sarah Thompson of Droga5 on the Selfless Nature of Leadership," by Adam Bryant, New York Times, August 25, 2017.



  • Do you "do the minimum" at work? Give examples of how you minimize what you have to do to get by--or how you commit wholeheartedly.
  • Do the same analysis in terms of how you are in personal relationships (family, friends, community, romance) and in terms of self care. What gives you the most satisfaction?
  • Read the article and describe the career path of Sarah Thompson, now CEO of Droga5.