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Theranos Lays Off Most of Its Remaining Workforce

By: John Carreyrou / April 11, 2018

From: The Wall Street Journal


Blood-testing firm Theranos laid off most of its remaining workforce in a last-ditch effort to save cash and avert or at least delay bankruptcy for a few more months.


Ethical decision-making is critical for leadership success and has implications for the long-term viability of organizations. Leaders that mislead and misrepresent the business internally and externally create an unethical work environment and risk the future success of the company. This article discusses the issues at Theranos and the resulting lay offs.



1. What unethical decisions impacted the long-term success of Theranos?

2. How is Elizabeth Holmes managing the impact of her unethical decision-making?

3. What impact did Ms. Holmes decision have on her success as a leader?  What are the consequences of her actions?