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The Yeti: United We Chill

By: Teri Bernstein



 Yeti cooler info


While hipsters and hunters may seem to be at odds in these economically divisive times, one product seems to be enchanting those in many far-afield demographics: the Yeti cooler. The product was developed by two outdoors-y brothers in 2006 to solve their own problems with coolers that would underperform and break. Sales grew via outdoor gear outlets, and the company attracted a major investor, then filed for an IPO in July 2016. It has yet to move forward with the public offering, however. 


The Yeti coolers are expensive, sturdy coolers, constructed like kayaks and built to last. They keep ice frozen for days rather than hours. The Tundra line can also be used as a seat. The company also makes a "Rambler" line that contains tumbler-sized products that can keep a single drink cold.


It is interesting to note that a truly high quality product that meets people's needs and will last a long time is a product that has broad appeal.  


Source: "Can a $300 cooler unite America?" by Steven Kurutz, New York Times, September 28, 2017.




  • Research similar coolers. What makes the Yeti special? Is it all hype? Compare and contrast
  • List the various demographics to which the Yeti appeals. What qualities would you market to each of them and how would you market it?
  • Why did YETI delay its IPO? (one view; another view WSJ)