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Still Haven't Frozen Your Credit File? Here's a Rude Reminder...

By: Teri Bernstein


John Oliver on Equifax  TRIGGER WARNING! Bad language


In September of this year, Equifax announced a security breach that had occurred in July that affected just about every American with a bank account or credit card. There was a flurry of stories telling you want you MUST do if you want to ensure that your identity isn't stolen: 



  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Trans Union

In case you didn't take the time to do this, or were waylaid because of fees and sales pitches, you might want to give yourself a rude talking-to by listening to John Oliver's reminder. He includes what can happen when your data does become public. He also warns consumers to avoid traps set by the credit reporting agencies to sell you less-than-freezing services. He also warns about a third party service that acts as a middleman that buys its services from Equifax. 


If you don't want to listen to his rude (and angry) reminder, you can read the article about it below, or just go straight to his website link for instructions on the quickest way to get yourself protected from this breach:  NOTE: this website is NOT affiliated with Equifax, regardless of what it is named. Instead, it is John Oliver's and Last Week Tonight's website for consumers to quickly get to the correct place to freeze their credit. 


Source: "John Oliver is super angry about the Equifax breach, offers one thing you should do immediately," by Peter Weber, The, October 16, 2017.



  • What have you done about dealing with this Equifax breach? How did it go? If you have done nothing, explain why not. 
  • What are the dangers of freezing your credit (if any)? What do you have to be sure to remember to do?
  • If you do listen to John Oliver's segment, who posted their Social Security Number on billboards and the sides of panel trucks? Why did he do it? What were the ironic consequences?