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Some Facebook Workers Feel Outrage is Misplaced

By: Georgia Wells, Deepa Seetharaman, and Koree Koh / April 10, 2018

From: The Wall Street Journal 


Facebook may be facing intense criticism over its privacy policies but its employees appear to be rallying around the company. The state of employee morale is being closely monitored at Facebook which must compete for talent in Silicon Valley even as it embarks on a raft of changes in response to mounting criticism from regulators and users.


Employee morale is often a central focus for technology companies that compete for talent and are continually recruiting highly skilled employees. Crisis situations often have implications for employee morale and require the organization to remain vigilant in maintaining the culture of the organization. This article discusses the issues at Facebook and the impact of employee morale during a crisis situation.



1. Why do some Facebook  employees feel the criticism is misplaced regarding privacy policies?

2. Why is the employee morale important at Facebook?  What steps in Facebook taking to monitor morale?

3. How does morale impact talent management?  What is the mentality adopted by many Facebook employees?