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Kara Goldin turns personal addiction into a start up

A dream of many entrepreneur wanna-be's is to turn a personal obsession into a money making business. Kara Goldin, once a Vice President of AOL for Shopping and E-commerce Partnerships, has done just that. She found herself "addicted" to Diet Coke, but wanted a tasty, calorie-free beverage to substitute--that didn't have any negative health possibilities associated with it. She could not find one on the market, so she started three related product lines: Hint Water Hint Fizz, and Hint Kick (which contains caffeine) . 

According to Bloomberg Live, "Flavored only with natural fruit essences, hint delivers refreshment without unnecessary additives. In addition to the original still water, hint’s beverage offerings include hint fizz®, a carbonated drink that received Better Homes and Gardens’ Best New Product award and the Silver Stevie award for Best New Product of the Year in 2012, and hint kick®, a lightly caffeinated, unsweetened flavored water."


The bottled water market is baffling and competitive. It remains to be seen how hint fares.


Source: "Member Profile: Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO, hint Inc.",, February 21, 2018. 

Follow up

  • What other product besides the beverages has hint Inc. recently introduced? Do you think it fits with its product line? Describe the ways it fits and does not fit. What are the issues with introducing a product that is not clearly aligned with your brand when you are just starting out? Do you think that any of the dangers  apply to the hint product line? 
  • Follow the links to find the Steve Jobs quote that inspires Kara Goldin in her work. Comment on your reaction to that quote? What quotes inspire you, and what daily habits keep you motivated? 
  • Check out this link: bloomberg. What financial support has hint, Inc. received? What distribution channels have opened up as a result?