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Is "Pancakes & Syrup" the new Pumpkin Spice?

Last week's Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday are the start of the season of Lent...which is also the marketing season for Peeps. Peeps--a manufactured marshmallow snack traditionally made in the shape of a newborn chick-- are either loved or hated. Those that love Peeps, and look forward to their annual appearance are sometimes horrified by any change to the classic neon-yellow sugar treat.


This year there is another innovation: "Pancake and Syrup" Peeps. While well-reviewed by some, the introduction may be part of an emerging flavoring fad that may rival the autumnal "pumpkin spice." According to Caitlin Servian, Peeps Brand Manager, A trend that is on the rise is maple, and taking fun flavors like this and extending it beyond the traditional breakfast or baking category and into the candy aisle is fun for us and our fans.” She could be right. Trader Joe's makes a Maple Leaf sandwich cookie, for example, which I personally think is an excellent choice for Winter Olympics snacking. 

 Source: "Peeps Just Launched a Pancake & Syrup Flavor," by Jeanette Settembre, Moneyish, February 15, 2018. 

Follow up:  Read the linked article. What other brands are introducing maple-flavored products and how have their sales been trending? How is Starbucks getting into the act? What are your thoughts about these products?