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Harvey Weinstein Harassment Scandal Fallout

By: Teri Bernstein

 CBS Chicago


Harvey Weinstein has been accused by many women of having sexually harassed them. He used his incredible power in the film business to, well, I'm not sure what--but plenty of women felt vulnerable. My twenty-something daughter reports that young men that she knows have also experienced harassment. Not to the extent that she herself has, but, still.


What gives? The law is clear. Business ethics are clear. Work is work. Personal relationships have to be separate--particularly if there is a power discrepancy. 


Subsequent reports have Weinstein ejected from the film Academy. But others are saying that he didn't do anything "everyone" else wasn't doing. That perception doesn't make it right.  Kate Winslet has a perspective worth considering.  


Source: "The fallout: How the Harvey Weinstein scandal exposed sexual harassment as Hollywood's dirty secret," by Josh Rottenberg and Amy Kaufmann, Los Angeles Times, October 12, 2017.



  • Have you experienced sexual harassment of any kind? Describe the situation. If you have second-hand knowledge of an incident, describe that. What were the short and long term implications for both parties?
  • Talk to someone you trust from a generation older than you are...or even two generations (grandparents). Ask them about incidents. What is the same and what is different from what is at stake in today's business situations?
  • Evaluate your own behavior.