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Enough from me

This is the last blog I will be writing for Cengage Introduction to Business. Over the last five years, I've written more than 1000 posts covering topics of interest to business students (and those who want to educate them). During this time, my primary goal has been to promote critical thinking skills--and to increase "cultural literacy" among readers. To do this, I have tried to select interesting topics, important topics and, sometimes, difficult topics that I could simplify accessibly. 


Cultural literacy embraces curiosity, skepticism, empathy and confidence. These qualities can help make a business person feel comfortable enough to participate, ask questions, and learn more--developing a renewable resource: adaptability. In a business environment that will change in unimaginable ways over a 40-year career, adaptability is essential to success and satisfaction.


Tangentially, I have a tried to model and promote a few "old school" values--by always using citations and relying on trustworthy sources. I have tried to present multiple positions on debatable issues, but I admit that my own confirmation biases have crept in.


By the way, the "Enough" button on the title page came from one of the high school walkouts yesterday that honored students killed in Parkland, Florida. I was there to register and pre-register voters--an activity I will expand in my new spare time as I say goodbye to my blog responsibilities.


Anyway--enough from me. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Cengage community!  It has been great. Screenshot 2018-03-15 21.55.39.png