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Susan Hendrickson - University of Colorado, Boulder
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IMG_0759 (2).JPGFirst day of class selfie!Hi!  I just finished my 11th year as a Senior Instructor teaching large sections of General Chemistry 1 and 2 at the University of Colorado, Boulder.   After 19 years of teaching almost exclusively General Chemistry, I still love it and I am always surprised that it's still possible to get a deeper understanding of a topic after all these years!  


H2 Strontium.pngSr salt added to a hydrogen balloon.20 L Cans.JPGCrushing a 20 L can with the Ideal Gas Law.Although I am limited to large lecture sections, I try to make them as interactive as possible by utilizing clicker questions for classroom discussions (facilitated by Learning Assistants) and fun classroom demos.  Here are a few samples!


I like trying new strategies to improve student engagement and achievement so I look forward to participating in this project, learning new things and possibly getting some fresh ideas for my classroom. 

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Welcome to the community site! Thank you for sharing examples of your classroom demos, Susan! Can't wait to hear more in our upcoming virtual discussions!