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Kevin Davies - Introduction
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I tell the students that I am Kevin W. Davies on my syllabus, mostly to not be confused with the other more-famous Kevin Davies that are out there (one works for ACS, another is a well-published biologist, and there's even a soccer player - none are me!)  I have a long-standing fascination with the use of technology in science education, and how high/low tech approaches can either help or hinder the communication of scientific ideas.  I am a heavy user of flipped classroom approaches in my courses, and in my classrooms I gravitate toward PxL methods (i.e. PLTL, POGIL...)  I also have a bit of a fascination with data visualization.  Over on the research side, I am an analytical chemist that is using the photoacoustic effect to measure how molecules partition absorbed energy into different photophysical outcomes, and m designing a toolbox of molecules that can exploit photoacoustics to permit remote sensing and chemical imaging.


Thanks for joining the community site and the first to introduce yourself, Kevin! We look forward to learning more about your long-standing fascination with technology in science education and your flipped classroom experiences. 

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It's always fun to see what other people with your same name have done to become "famous".  Here's my personal favorite!Tyrannosaurus Sue.PNG


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The only thing that I have found that was 67-65.5 million years old was a piece of Chex Mix in my couch. To my knowledge, it's no longer there.