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I am Maria Cecilia de Mesa, a senior lecturer at Baylor University.  I have taught chemistry for more than 25 years.  My first decade of teaching was in the University of the Philippines where I taught various chemistry courses like freshman chem, organic, analytical and biochem. Here in Baylor University (BU), my main teaching assignment is large classes of freshman chemistry.  Large classes can be challenging especially when it comes to getting and maintaining the attention of students ... thanks to the wonders of interactive learning tools we can still get their attention.


Back in the old days, we develop teaching materials which are mostly videos and hard copies of educational materials but now we are helping in developing digital tools!  I am happy to be part of this team.



1 Comment

Welcome to the community site, Maria! Yes, we hear frequently that student engagement in large classrooms is a big challenge. Let us know which interactive learning resources are the most successful in getting your students' attention.